What does drop type 'SIP Bye Request' in tems mean?

Mute call rate (MCR)

its not times… its that wait periodic… before enodB say UE that it got loss

Can u explain in detail …its related to CQI but what value will take in count periodically

Once cqi periodically got reported to enb atleast two times then it is out from rlf

If you set recovery timer set to two

If the CQI reported periodically from UE …then the UE is already in Sync with the ENB …then shouldn’t be reported RLF. What value of CQI ?

Not more detail its the timer used enb to MME context release …any one can help


Its the vendor specific parameter. Please explane one more time Ncqidtx<6>2 value also explain Ncqiecc parameter also its only unlink Reporting

…when RLF “T310+T311” start

Lol dude you need to study proper . Go with your library

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Lol dude you need to study proper . Go with your library

Will explain finally all uplink RLF failure. Parameters explanation & …when RLF timer start

Finally when UE spcific RLF (for a perticular UE) reported RLF_ON start Ncqidtx ( periodically CQI reporting ) … Its not come under N310 ?

eNB supports CQI DTX detection for periodic CQI reports on PUCCH and PUSCH.

If MAC layer receives nCqiDtx consecutive reports from UL PHY, theMAC declares CqiRLF_ON. This can be seen in BTS log and Emil

If the MAC has set CqiRLF_ON for a specific UE and nCqiRec consecutive CQI reports are again detected successfully for that UE… the MAC sets CqiRLF_OFF

The parameters nCqiDtx and nCqiRec are in the vendor-specificparameter file

For both PUSCH and PUCCH the periodic CQI is encoded using a ReedMuller block code and comes along without any CRC. Hence, the UL PHY indicates a DTX detection for periodic CQI reports on PUCCH or PUSCHwhenever a report is configured but no reliable transmission from the UEcould be detected. So the output of the detector shall be either thedetected CQI report or a DTX indication.

NOTE: CQI_RLF detection does not apply to aperiodic CQI report on

These complete phenomenon is called Periodic CQI RLF

What’s is the difference between Ncqidtx & N310 fyip N130 not a timer?

n310: indicates the number of 200 ms intervals when the UE is unable to successfully decode the PDCCH due to low RSRP detected. That is, number of times in which the UE cannot successfully decode 20 consecutive frames in the downlink…read above both para to understand the diffrence

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