What are the reasons for SCG FAILURE INFORMATION NR (Random Access Problem)?

Hey Experts,
What are the reasons for SCG FAILURE INFORMATION NR (Random access problem) usually?

Means Rach failed on NR cell.
Need to check which exact step of RACH failed.

So could be power issues?

Could be any… including power issue.

Can it be due to a DTCH configuration from SS?

Not really. DTCH has no role in RACH.

Yes, agree.

This means max number of preamble transmissions has been reached.
And UE is sending scgfailureinformationnr-r15 with failure type randomaccessproblem.

Can be either UE side power limitation or gNB side SS beam issue.

Just one more query related to scg failure information NR in EN-DC scenario.
Suppose UE sends NR SCG failure info-NR after addition of PScell(nr1), will that affect addition of nr2?
UE sends reestablishment request with cause reconfig failure when it receives RRC reconfiguration for nr2 addition.

1- B1 threshold is too low
2- LTE has more than one neighbor with same PCI
3- Device issue