What are the reasons for "http file download drop"?

Hello Experts.

What are the reasons for “http file download drop”?

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Can you please tell us what KPI have you plotted on map?

Can you please show SINR?

Your SINR is too bad.

Yes, normally in this area we have good coverage and SINR.

But why in this case no?


Overshooting cell serving?

May be, cell serving more far than the cell must be dominant there.


You need to downtilt the right most cell.

And the below cell as well.

Low RSRQ, low SINR… Interference… Too many cells on air in that point

I see you have a cell with RSRQ -12 while your serving cell has RSRQ -17.

Maybe you can show all cells with eARFCN 475.

We have priority earfcn on the network:

  • 475
  • 1600
  • 6300

You have too many cells on air in that point for earfcn 475.

Better triiger an interfreqHo to 6300 which seems to be cleaner.

We can talk about an overshooting here or no?

Within 3 dB of RSRP there are 6 PCIs on air on EARFCN 475.

Not sure which is the polluter… all 5 are… except the serving one.

Also we may need the E2E trace.

I have seen callsurviving at RSRQ = -19 dB and SINR = -8 dB

Not sure it is an RF drop. Do you have the pcap for this test?

PCAP is the Wireshark trace…

How we can know the End user?

Because I tried to find it with assistant but unfortunately I don’t get it.

Wireshark traces.

There we can see all protocol layers up to E2E.

I have just Genex assistant.

First of all you should clean the RF in that area.

Establsih a dominant PCI and get rid of all the other.

If we down tilt S2 of TUN_0262 we can get the logic dominant cell?

And like this we can clean the RF in this area?

You need a planning tool to understand which cell can be dominant there.

Yes, it’s better with a planning tool because of terrain profile, cluter height , etc… but at simple sight… change az. to 0°.

Curretly in that point, that’s the dominant one, so just give it a little help. :wink: