What are the inferences we can make from PRACH, PUCCH & PUSCH TX power in 5G?

Hello Experts,
What are the inferences we can make from PRACH, PUCCH & PUSCH TX power in 5G?

I think it is same like in 4G.
PRACH uses very few frequency resources so should be no issue.
PUSCH could be a problem for intercell interference if eICIC is not activated.
Always PUSCH power is higher than PUCCH power.

Ok Thanks
What could be the reason If I get too much reporting for PUSCH Power and my post-processing software hangs?

Check if ue is at max tx power. At that point the logs get blocked or paused for long time till power in uplink recovers to normal values.
Normally in uplink you should have BSR and PHR reports to eNodeB.
Basically any RSRP lower than -120 dBm will create problems for the log.

Actually, the problem is I’m getting too many samples for PUSCH power especially in S20 5G devices, be it at max power or not, the exports I generate overflow into multiple files because of these enormous records for PUSCH power.
PUCCH power also have this behavoiur sometimes.
So If these PUSCH and PUCCH power does not give much insights to Operators, I’m thinking to remove these from end report.

It’s up to you but those are important measurements to evaluate uplink coverage.

23 dBm is the max and I see lot of samples with that.

If you do uploads you will get lots of PUSCH and PUCCH power reports.

Yes I have same opinion.
So what points can I state specifically to retain these Ul Powers in reports?

Yes we do DL & UL tests.

You should also look at PHR power headroom report.
When it is negative it means UE would like to send nore data but cannot do it due to not enough power.

Yes PHR & BSR we are using already.

So PUSCH, PUCCH, BSR and PHR will give hints of ul availabe rate.
Service coverage in uplink.
Where is the limit for 5 Mbps, 1 Mbps, 200 Kbps and so on.

This is very much depending also on uplink interference which is much stronger than DL interference in 5G.

Yes especially where there are clustered Rx antennas in AAS in MaMIMO.