What are current Software (SW) Release of main RAT vendors?

Can someone please share about the latest Huawei releases for LTE?

For Huawei you have:
LTE eRAN1.0 (V100R001C00)
LTE eRAN1.1 (V100R001C01)
LTE eRAN2.0 (V100R002)
LTE eRAN2.1 (V100R003)
LTE eRAN2.2 (V100R004)
LTE eRAN3.0 (V100R005C00)
LTE eRAN3.1 (V100R005C01)
SRAN8.0 LTE eRAN6.0 (V100R008C00)
SRAN8.1 LTE eRAN6.1 (V100R008C01)
SRAN9.0 LTE eRAN7.0 (V100R009C00) (GBSS16.0 WRAN16.0)
SRAN10.0 LTE eRAN8.0 (V100R010C00) (GBSS17.0 WRAN17.0)
SRAN10.1 LTE eRAN8.1 (V100R010C01)

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You can also find a detailed product info by version:


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