VoLTE Handover Types

Hi All,
VoLTE Handover Types:

  • SRVCC Handover
  • RSRP based Inter freq HO
  • RSRP based Intra freq HO
  • Load based HO
  • Quality based HO
  • CSFB
  • SBHO

Do you know any other kind of HO available in VoLTE?

RSRQ based HO also there.
Inter freq load balancing can be used.
CSFB not HO class.

You should enable quality based HO.
Is the most important one.

Keep trigger quantity both, i.e. RSRP or RSRQ.

We enabled but had worst impact.
So we disabled it.

Do we have any reliable RSRP counters?

From this you can get output from MYCOM tool.