VoLTE call drop vs Mobile Sensitivity

Hi Experts.

How could VoLTE call doesn’t drop even when RSRP is -124?

Isn’t it beyond mobile sensitivity?

Call maybe not dropped, but you should not have any sound in the call.

No, quality was perfect!

Do you use coverage and quality as quantity or only coverage?

I don’t work for this operator, but I was impressed by the quality of the call within these radio conditions.

How long was the call last?

5 minutes, and it didn’t drop.

You have good RSRQ!

I agree, but RSRP is very bad.

If quality good, then connection can be sustained in poor RSRP also up to some extend.

I have seen calls not dropped even at sinr = -8 dB, but quality was bad.

How could that be?

Harq retransmissions.