VoLTE Call Drop RF related reasons

Dears, are the below cause values for a VoLTE call drop an RF related reasons?

  • GTP V2:Create Bearer(94 Request rejected (reason not specified))
  • Diameter:AA Request(9000 Timeout)
  • SIP(1000 Timeout)
  • Diameter:Credit Control Update(9000 Timeout)
  • CAP:Event Report BCSM(253 No Cause Parameter Carried In Message)
  • Diameter:Session Termination Request(9000 Timeout)
  • ESM:Activate Dedicated EPS Bearer Context Request(1000 Timeout)
  • Diameter:Re-Auth Request(9000 Timeout)
  • Diameter:Credit Control Update(10 RESOURCE_ALLOCATION_FAILURE)
  • Diameter:Re-Auth Request(3002 DIAMETER_UNABLE_TO_DELIVER)
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Hi @Ehab In my experience of VoLTE troubleshooting, most of time you can not differentiate that what is causing drops or failures unless you are having an end to end view including RF events (Layer3) , NAS signaling, complete SIP call flow along with all radio drive test KPIs view.

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