Very serious issue of UDP DL/UL Throughput at same time both running - SA NR

Hi all,
I’m facing serious issue when only doing DL/UL throughput at same time running on one uE oneplus nord, when both DL/UL throughput are running in FULL traffic like in DL 600mbps and in UL 40mbps then I see significant DL degradation (from 600mbps it gets lower to 200mbps) due to high DTXs on PUCCH !!
PS. PUSCH closed loop power control is enabled and no PUCCH closed loop power control.

When doing throughput in DL only or throughput in UL only then there’s no issue (no degradation …Im getting in DL 600mbps and in UL 40mbps) but when doing throughput UL/DL at same time then I see serious degradation in DL throughput also I see high DTXs on PUCCH.

In addition, I see when there’s high DTXs on PUCCH like my uE increased its PUCCH power in the middle of PUCCH symbol and that’s weird shall not be so this behaviour leads to high DTXs on PUCCH which lead to DL degradation when doing UL/DL throughput at same time running.

Any idea / help on that issue if someone faces? and what are the parameters that I could adjust / config on DU configuration to control that issue of my uE increasing its PUCCH power in the middle of PUCCH symbol?? …maybe P0nominal of PUCCH need to be increased to control that strange behavior of my uE?

Generally uE shall not increase its PUCCH power in the middle of pucch symbol because it’s not linear effect so Im getting strange and weird behavior for all the uEs that has same type oneplus nord.