Values of RSRP and SINR to suspect external noise/ interference in the sector?

Hi Experts.

For LTE with -63 dBm RSRP and 1.0 SINR, is it right to suspect external noise/ interference in the sector?


Pwr is very good but SNR is low.
Please check RSRQ as well.

Also check PA.

Check by scanner to identify if any external interference happens.
Also, make health check for this site, I mean HW.
Check if any repeaters close to this sector.

This SINR totally abnormal → sure there is an external interference.

Is it indoor site?

No, Outdoor site.

Strange, RSRQ seems normal.
With such conditions SNR should be around 20+

What Throughput are you getting at these signal levels?

2.0 Mbps, band 20 LTE, 10 MHz bandwith.

Just to be sure: Check the neighbours also if they suffering from the same behaviour.
Or only this site?

Also: Is this TDD or FDD?
Maybe sync problem in case we talk about TDD.

If you don’t have overshooting cells with good coverage levels, then most probably due to external interference.

Check the logs for imbalance, Rank & TM for this device.
There can be some problem with this hardware?

If Latency is very high please check transmission also, if there is no external interference.

High latency may be caused by poor radio conditions as well.

But Poor SINR impact latency.

It may impact latency.

It is LTE FDD.

So Sync problem will not exist here.

What about neighbours?

For Neigbours we activated ANR feature. I’ve made LTE test onsite, using app.

Which OEM is this?

Airspan eNB.
Hardware is AirHarmony 4000.