Uptilt Physical Optimisation

Hello Guys, one question:
If 1800 band is having more samples and 700 band very less samples.
Users are less in both bands and 1800 band is facing drops.
Neighbor sites having 700 band.
So in this in terms of physical optimisation can we give up tilt to 700 band as it was extremely downtilt. Both needs to be 1 km approx.

How are TA samples?
And height of both sites?

Same (one antenna).
TA samples I am having 4000 samples in busy hour and one 150 samples.
No alarms.
Rs power aligned.

Do you mean RF sharing of these 2 bands?

You can uptilt 700 band if it did not cause any overshooting issue.
You can check ta samples or go to driveless server to check how is sample collection now then go for recommendations.
If tilt you can’t go for, go for dlrsboost recommendation.

This is TA KPI.
All traffic with 1800 TA samples.
We cannot change azimuth and tilt and cannot give parameter suggestion.
Baseline aligned then go physical optimisation only.
Or give unnecessary justification.

If you cannot go for any parameter suggestion then need to physical optimization only.
About tilt change, customer used to apporove for you?