UE to report capability parameter

For message UE capability enquiry where eNodeB indicates UE to report capability for eutra or nr or utra is there any parameter at eNodeB to control it?
I am not able to find such parameter at eNodeB end so please tell is this parameter at MME end.
Anyone having idea?

Control by SC, we have.

Ok thanks. But I mean the parameter…

No, it’s internal System Constant (SC).
Anyway, did you get the detail of GP0 and GP1?
How you can change the measuring gap periodicity?

No dear not yet it’s hardcoded I think.
For Ericsson, Huawei not sure.

Please check role of measurement gap allowed parameter.

SC278 measGapPeriodTraffic

What value can be configured is it gap 0, gap 1, etc

0 - 40 mS
1 - 80 ms

Great, seems value for other vendors can be configured.