UE release reasons in NSA

Dear Experts.

In 5G NSA, I can see UE was frequently released due to other along with idleModeMobilityControlInfo, then RRCConnectionRequest again at the same band with establishmentCause highPriorityAccess.

Do you have any idea why UE need to be released?

Seems there was no any events initiated before the release.

UE might have released due to inactivity.
Pump some data to UE and try again.

Release with suspend info?
Or moved to idle?

It’s connected drive test actually.

Into idle.

Is Voice Call setup?

No. I was thinking LB, but LB para also off.

LB will not do it if data is there in buffer.

Can you check release cause?
May be at S1AP?

I don’t have much info, it’s only based on field measurement.

Is it using idle mode load balancing using WRR algorithm, used for balancing of users in idle mode?

There is such scenario but that will work to move user from non-anchor to anchor layer.
In this case UE was camping on anchor layer.
Also LB is not active.

In your case I missed to read it’s NSA.
Then seems feature is activated at LTE end.
At 5G end for NSA I don’t think such feature present.

Idle mode load balancing will only work if UE is getting RRC released.
This is not the case here.
Further, UE is redirected to same carrier again.

Check with sub6 frequency what assigned for that site and check coverage that carriers if LTE coverage dominant to 5G that happens so downtilt LTE carrier (sub 6 frequency one), that time UE survive most of time in 5G and control UE releases frequently.

Idle mode mobility control info come with RRC connection release only.
I think no other scenario for it.