UE not following reselection priorities

What is priority of umts network?
zero is unusual for thresservinglow.

If L1800 current RSRP is around -80 dBm as claimed above, and all other devices working fine, then there is No parameter issue here.
It’s pure device issue.

Yes. 0 mean -124.
Depend on your qrxlevmin.

threshservinglow should be 4 or 6 dB to allow UE to search for other cells to camp on before reaching qrxlevmin.

We use to take qrxlevmin as reference.
Like value 4 dB mean -124 + 4 = -120.

snonintrasesrchof L1800 as minus 108 to L900.
Sry minus 112.
To L900.
Thresxlow as minus 104.

snonintrasesrch of L900 as minus 104 to 106 for measurement to L1800.
Threshxhign as minus 110 to minus 112 to L1800.
Make delay from L1800 to L900.
Fast from L900 to L1800.

Ok then:
L1800 to L900 make -114 snon.
Then thereshservinglow -118.

And L900 to L1800 as minus 104 to minus 106.

Assuming qrxlevmin -124.

Yes can be done snonintra.
Play with thresxlow and thresxhigh.
After nonintra.
A low value leads to high reselection to neighbor frequency.
And opposite effects in highvalue.
Low and high both.
It’s a game of reconnected user who is more.
L1800 or L900.
First condition.

Yes thereshxlow to better then -100 you can do.
Other way around use IMLB as well to balance traffic.
In IDLE mode.

RRC connected user KPI will help you to play.
It will help to play snon and thresxhigh and low.
Also timing advance to check, so that no coverage holes should be there.

Dear All:
It is already told by issue owner that issue is happening at very good rsrp of -80 dBm.
Does any small parameter tuning matter here?

Yes, that’s my point.
Current settings suggest UE to retain on L1800 till -115, but it goes to L900 in good RSRP.
Also when it is L900 it should always go to L1800 if NBR cell is better than -114 at that location RSRP of 1800 is very good.
Another point is same location another handset is following network strategy and camp on L1800.

Looks like device issue.
You have fixed idle mode priorities, right?
IMLB is not there?

Have you checked IMMCI in last RRC connection release?
Maybe UE is instructed to stay in L900.

User-Number-based Load Balancing in Adaptive Proportions is active as well.


So can we get dedicated priorities of the UEs when RRC collection was released?
IdleModeMobilityControlInfo will override sib5 priorities.

Each time eNB releases radio resources of a UE, the eNB delivers dedicated cell reselection priorities through the IdleModeMobilityControlInfo IE in the RRC Connection Release message to each UE. The eNB delivers dedicated cell reselection priorities for a maximum of 16 no-serving E-UTRA frequencies, 16 nbr UTRA frequencies and 16 nb GERAN frequency groups to the UE in the RRC Connection Release message.
Dedicated cell reselection priorities include SPID-specific dedicated priorities and operator-specific dedicated priorities.

Check RRC Connection Release message.

When UE is camped on L900 IdleModeMobilityControlInfo indicate higher priority for L900 i.e. 7

In this case, UE release from L1800 and given higher dedicated priority to L1800 only.
So UE should remain camped on L1800 only.
Is it observed in subsequent logs?

In this case, UE release from L900 and given higher dedicated priority to L900 only.
So UE should remain camped on L900. And UE will not reselect L1800 in this case.
Is it observed in subsequent logs?