Transmission KPI in LTE

Hi Samsung Experts.
How can we check transmission KPI in LTE and what is parameter value name of RRC reconfiguration timer in LTE for eRAB purpose?
And port rx speed KPI.
Like in Huawei it has eRAB Fail in TNL KPI.
And fegeport.rxmaxspeed.

You can see Ethernet packet KPI for this.
RRC conn reconfig timer is not separate for ERAB.
It’s common for all.

T304 is for handover.
I think there would be some timer.
And what about Transmission KPI?

I am getting eRAB fail timeout, what can be done?

After DL RRC reconfiguration or security command sudden timeout happening which is degrading KPI. Not high, but little.
I suspect transmission but I can’t see this KPI here in Samsung as i am new to this tool.