Total number of carriers in a band combination

Hello Experts.
In LTE carrier aggregation, the no of carriers are as follows:

  • Bandwidth class a - 1
  • Bandwidth class b - 2
  • Bandwidth class c - 2
  • Bandwidth class d - 3
  • Bandwidth class e - 4
  • Bandwidth class f - 5

Will the total number of carriers in a band combination be the sum of the carriers of each bandwidth class?
For example ,total carriers for CA_2C-66A is 3 which is sum of carriers of the individual bandwidth classes.Does this apply to any band combinations?

Here I can see total no of carriers = 3

Is that a typo?

Total carriers aggregated are 4 here not 3.
Band 3 → 1 carrier
Band 42 → 3 carriers

Okay, so is it just addition of carriers from each bandwidth class rt?

Check the difference between intra band and inter band aggregation.
For your reference, like @Jaeku_Ryu explains here: LTE Advanced - Carrier Aggregation | ShareTechnote