Tool to pin point where users are


Is there a tool that can pin point where a customer is?

I have a sim box0 problem on the network, someone making calls from international sim locally multiple times.

Yes, MDT tool.
It is per vendor, every vendor has one.

Does it pinpoint exact location?

What does MDT stand for?

Minimization of Drive Test.

Minimization of drive tests is a feature introduced in 3GPP Release 10 that enables operators to utilize users’ equipment to collect radio measurements and associated location information, in order to assess network performance while reducing the OPEX associated with traditional drive tests. However, in the increasingly complex wireless packet data networks of today, performance is affected by many different factors and cannot easily be estimated by simple radio measurements. Therefore, in 3GPP Release 11 specifications, MDT is enhanced in order to provide a more complete view of network performance.

Location is recorded in MSC.
You need authorisation to access this.
You will get the coordinates.

Either Core or eNB collects it.
You can cobfigure which node authorises.