The Path Towards 6G and Digital Reality

This eBook has been produced as part of the Digital Reality Initiative of the IEEE Future Directions Committee.
However, the content is of sole responsibility of the author.

I had, recently, an interesting conversation with some analysts looking at the implication of 6G (yes, 6 not 5).
That in itself was surprising since most of the time analysts are looking at the nextquarter.
Yet, they were interested on what kind of impact 6G might have on telecom operators, telecom manufacturers, and on the semiconductor industry.
Of course, looking that far down the line, they were also interested in understanding what type of services may require 6G connectivity.
I started the conversation saying that 6G does not exist (and I guess most of you would agree), but then I revealed that it was already here, in terms of “prodrome”.
Using this word may suggest that I see 6G as a disease, but that is not completely the case.
In other words, looking at the past evolution and at the present situation, it may be possible to detect a few signs that can be used to make some predictions about 6G.


Image credit: Dion Hinchcliffe