Termpointtognb & termpointtoenodeb issue

Hello Experts,
In Ericsson system, for LTE termpoint:
I have termpointtognb unlocked/enabled but for termpointtoenodeb section unlocked/disabled is showing
Is it it any issue towards enodeb?
And what is ULI Indicator?
Can anyone help regarding this?

Try the below one:
Set the node Credential & trust Category attributes to empty under
NodeSupport=1,ServiceDiscovery=1 &
NodeSupport=1,ServiceDiscoveryServer=1 MOs and cold restart the node.
This might solve the issue.

Is Gutranfrequncy defined in LTE?

Yes it should be both ways, as my observation if your termpoint to gNodeB disabled UE can’t setup SgNB addition.
It’s mandatory to be enabled.