telecomHall Roadmap (Past & Future)

We’re on the road for years. (As you can check here:

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1996 – 1999 (the beginning)

  • Initial phase.
  • Simply distribution list with engineers from some countries.

2000 – 2009 (the blog)

2010 – 2015 (Hunter)

Focus on “homemade” tools (Hunter Suite) to help each professional of the community is their daily work.

2015 – 2018 (the Forum)

  • Launch of the forum (
  • Boda: Focus on parsers and professional development of an opensource tool.

2019 (Boda!)

Month Roadmap
January Created Draft of Handbook
February Created group of Experts
March Launched Boda CE (for CM)

Planned functionalities (Reports Module)

  • Reports generation common to all other Modules (testing)

Planned functionalities (CM Module)

  • Parameter Report (testing)
  • Baseline Generation (testing)
  • Inconsistency Reports – BCCH, PCI, PSC
  • Scripts (MML) Generation
  • GIS – Site/Cell Map
  • Network Dump Comparison

Planned functionalities (PM Module)

PM Report

Planned functionalities (Trace Module)

Cell Trace processing

Optimization: coverage analysis, overshooting/pollution

Planned functionalities (GEO Module)

Georeferenced analisys

Planned functionalities (All Modules)

Crossing information from all modules.

Contributions to the Roadmap

The definitons here are discussed with telecom professionals from all over the Globe, fine tuning the tool to meet their needs in daily tasks.

We are a group of dozens volunteers (small group of developers/coders; big group of Experts), with weekly meetings and conversations via E-mail, WhatsApp and of course, here in the Forum.

If you’re not (yet) part of these groups, you can:

  • Ask to join, send an e-mail to:
  • Suggest a new item to the roadmap - simply replying this thead.

Let’s start using it? :wink: