Stop LTE Data user on specific Carrier

Hi LTE Experts.

Completely stop the LTE Data user on L18 and L21, for that purpose we have close the redirection switches GeranRedirectSwitch & UtranRedirectSwitch in CELLHOPARACFG MO.

Keep LTE Data users on L18 and L21 and if A2 threshold met, UE will do only inter frequency attempt towards L900 and from L900 UE will do inter RAT.


  1. L.RRCRedirection.E2W.Blind & L.RRCRedirection.E2W.Coverage & L.RRCRedirection.E2G.Coverage is turned to 0 but L.RRCRedirection.E2G.Blind is not turned to 0, they are still showing high count.
  2. L.IRATHO.E2G.Coverage.ExecAttOut this counter slightly increased.
  3. Inter Frequency attempts/success increased on L1800 which is expected.
  4. No Change in traffic seen.

After switching off main redirection switch logically L.RRCRedirection.E2G.Blind counter should be went to zero but it didn’t.
What can be the possible reason?