Stability problem in 4G lte

There’s a site went live along one week which recently the site is locked for the UE - this means that UE can’t login to the site because the cell is locked for the UE- and I reverted back. there’s a main concert of stability. I’m meeting the min KPIs and there’s improvement in ERAB SR SR … but I have a problem that RRC SR AND SDR not meeting the min KPI which caused the cell to be locked in those days - notifying that the site was working for the uE before one week and all fine but recently it’s locked for the UE and reverted to it back .

How can I fix that problem of instability? I need that RRC SR AND SDR to met the min KPI otherwise the cell will be locked again.

Any help guys? what plans / attempts should I test/do in order to let RRC SR AND SDR TO meet the Min KPI for not having the cell lock again for the uE?