Specific footprints for cell coverage in 5G

Like new buildings.
New population count in area which not considered at the the time of planning?

Yes, Huawei has footprints with up to 25 degrees in V plane.
Once changing coverage scenarios, both SSB and PDSCH will change.
But if you want a specific azimuth and tilt for SSB then you must play with care as SSB footprint may differ from PDSCH footprint - and one should avoid this!

For low frequencies, beam management maintains only cell-level digital weights, and user serving beams are dynamically generated based on SRS calculation (currently, no CSI beam sweeping is performed on low frequencies).

P1 procedure: gNB/UE rough sweeping (SSB)
P2 procedure: gNB precise sweeeping (CSI)
P3 procedure (optional): UE precisely sweeping

SRS calculation is based only on TDD.
Otherwise, for FDD, PMI has to be used based on CSI-RS measurements.
And P2 procedure is valid only for mmWave.

csi-rs beams are implemented only for mmWave bands

P3 procedure (UE beamforming) not implemented now.

But I remember Huawei has mechanism to adaptive change weight estimation based on SRS or PMI.
So, does it mean only in FR2 they can adaptively change.

Yes, but that works only for FDD. For TDD there isn’t such mechanism.

Huawei has a mechanism to select weights based on either CSI-RS or SRS in TDD based on UL SINR. As long UL SINR is good it will use SRS, when UL SINR is bad it will use csi-rs.

It’s csi reporting used for FDD i.e. GoB based beamforming.

Very advanced technology used.

The threshold for UL SINR is parameter and default value is like -15 dB.
I wonder how can it work with such a low value…

I guess they changed default to about 0 dB.

Is it applicable for FR2 only?

It is aplicable for TDD only.

But in FR1 they don’t have CSI sweeping.

Right, in FR1 there are no csi-rs beams.

FR1, no CSI-RS beams or no CSI-RS beam sweeping?

Yes, this dynamic chosing between csi-rs based and srs based is done in FR1 for TDD only.

CSI beam in FR1 also with refinement; does CSI RS beam is sweeping in FR2?

FR2 always use PMI-based.
FR1 use adaptive SRS vs PMI.

It means FR1 still have CSI measuremet, but not have CSI sweeping, right?

You should not confuse csi-rs reference signals with csi-rs beams.

FR1 and TDD uses adaptive SRS vs PMI.