Spamming SMS with no trace

Hello Experts.

We have a strange network behaviour:

There was a spamming SMS from a certain sender, which we couldn’t find ANY TRACE for that SMS to the other sender from the network.

A sends to B

We could not find any sign for this SMS in all nodes from Core side.

Any idea?

What about CDR?

No records in SMSC / MSC

That’s really strange…

Is it a P2P message or an A2P?

It’s A2P.

Is there any screenshot of SMS you can share?

Just to confirm if it really is SMS, Flash SMS or USSN message.

It’s a text SMS.

It cannot be p2p…

Can be also a P2P. The only difference is that it may not be a true P2P but rather an impersonated one that actually generated from SMPP, simbox or any other system.

There is a fine chance that it’s a bypass case, as per what I’ve experienced till now.


It may be impersonated message, but not direct p2p.