Solution to NSA LTE AFR (Access Failure rate)


Please suggest way to improve NSA_LTE_AFR%.
Failure happening during preparation with 20% fail rate.

Pre check-
NR & LTE cells are defined at both ends.

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Solution to NSA LTE AFR (Access Failure rate)

I believe this video can help, as failures happening in LTE.

It is for 4G LTE VoLTE RRC / AFR /Accessibility KPI Optimization with Parameter Tuning.

Youtube: 4G LTE VoLTE RRC/AFR/Accessibility KPI Optimization with Parameter Tuning - YouTube

RRC Success Rate is the first major KPI and it is part of LTE/ VoLTE Accessibility.

In this video, you will learn, how RRC failures comes in network and what are the parameters to reduce it.