Solution to high PDCCH utilization

In PDCCH congestion cases, apart from dynamic PDCCH and power of PDCCH margin, can we make periodic BSR value from 20 ms to let’s say 30 ms to 40 ms, so that scheduling is delayed?
Will it have impact on throughput as buffer is delayed to lower layer?
But can this be a solution to high PDCCH utilization?
Considering PDCCH agg is fine.

BSR used for transmit high priority data for UL.

In other case SR will be used to get UL grants through PDCCH, so flow like below for ul grants
BSR -> SR -> RA

Basis usage of BSR, SR to get UL grants on PDCCH to transmit UL data.

So DL Throughput cannot be impacted on BSR?

No, it will not.

Thank You.

Now, what’s the role of buffer capacity in LTE?
I checked GBR services should use low buffer capacity keeping in mind it gets scheduled properly.
Too much buffer capaciy on GBR service can lead to high resource and less buffer capacity cannot schedule properly.
In NON GBR we need high buffer capacity.
Am I right?

So BSR or buffer capacity I think can lead to high resource or scheduling issues depending on settings on each bearers.
To understand Layer 2 protocol settings is a challenge.

It’s at eNodeB end, we have parameter mapped with buffer per QCI.
BSR is used at UE end for Uplink data.

But sometimes wrong setting can happen at eNodeB end.

Yes, it can happen.
Leave it to planner of parameters :grin:
eNodeB will do it duty very well.

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