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Hello, Let us resume InterviewQuestions with below question.

Q. What is most important SystemInformation SIB that UE have to listen to go from one technology to other i.e to UE reselect from LTE to 5G-NR ?

A. Actually, below SIB are “let me say Pivot SIB” that have to broadcast in Idle Mode so UE can reselect to other technology. Without configuration, UE will stuck in specific technology and never reselect or move to other suitable one.

And they are:
From GERAN → To UTRAN = SI Type2 Quater
From GERAN -->To LTE = SI Type2 Quater
From GERAN -->To 5G-NR SA = TBD

From UTRAN -->To LTE = SIB19
From UTRAN -->To 5G-NR SA = TBD

From LTE -->To GERAN =SIB7
From LTE -->To UTRAN =SIB6
From LTE -->To 5G-NR SA = SIB24

TBD: To be determined
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