SIB 10,11,12 and 16 in LTE

Hi Experts,
If anyone tried SIB 10,11,12 and 16 in LTE network for testing, please share result.
What is UE flow after reading it?
Also, MBMS feature. If any one tried please share result.

With eMBMS modelling using TEOCO ran planning tool ASSET radio, there was considerable effect on experienced SINR since same signal is transmitted by multiple cells.

The parameter which we used at UE end was required eMBMS RSRP (dbm), required eMBMS RERQ , required eMBMS RS SINR

You can also play around With RE usage in LTE services which specify portion of resource element consumed by the LTE service for each used MBSFN area.

If RE usage percentage exceed 100% then the MSSFN area does not have sufficient resource to support specified service.

Ok. I need to configure parameters.
What I know is that SIB15 is used for MBMS info, but I never tried it.