Set a neighbor relation to work using only S1


Dou you know how could we set a neighbor relation to work using just S1 at Ericsson?

It seams that it is possible on Huawei, defining a kind of blacklist to X2.

The reason is related to a border between Ericsson and Huawei.

Can’t you delete the termpointtoenb of the target site and let the S1 HO take place?

But yes, this would restrict the Complete Site level X2 HOs not for certain cells.

If ANR feature is running, that x2 adj will again be created.

Instead of deleting, block the termpointtoenb then.

Exactly, that should be the way.

There is a way to that.
In Ericsson is also possible to create a X2 blacklist.

I just need to discover how to declare it.