SCG Release due to MCG Mobility

Hi Experts,

can someone confirm me the cause network release due to MCG Mobility is because of the UE inactivity?

also from the tracing there is no E-Rab modification confirm after E-Rab modification indication at 23:45:46.325. anyone know why is that happened?

I encountered the same problem but I couldn’t find any answer. Have you found?

Not yet. But i can see uecontextrelease due to failed HO to eps or target system. Not sure whether it is correlated to each other

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 13.57.46
In my case, when I try to establish dedicated bearer and modify another bearer, I don’t receive modification confirm. So ERAB Setup procedure and ERAB Modification procedure collide with each other. I couldn’t find why.

Yurp same as me. Conflict with other procedure where mine between endc setup and volte setup

Release due to MCG mobility appears in Inter-Master Node handover with/without Secondary Node change. More details can be found on 3GPP TS 37.340 10.7.1

It’s not due to UE inactivity but because of the LTE HO…


The SCG Release due to MCG Mobility is because the UE HO failure happens at the 4G side as indicated by the message “UEContextReleaseRequest” sent from eNB to the EPC at 23:45:51.332, so the sequence of messages completed by the EPC reply and then the SCG release.
In between all these messages the 5G BTS sent the message “SgNBActivityNotification” to the 4G BTS declaring that UE is inactive, however the 4G BTS ignored this message and completed what it was started for the HO failures as the release due to HO fail is already sent to the core.

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