Save file from ENM to windows PC

Hello dears,

I have a log file of a site stored in my account in ENM in /moshell_logfiles. I want to save a copy of it in my windows PC.

Anyone know how to do this please?


Hi, @Amir, any sftp client to the same IP address as ssh session

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Sorry, can you please clarify more?
I’m new in ENM I don’t have that much knowledge.

If you starting amos in ENM browser app:

  1. select ssh on amos vm
  2. type ifconfig
  3. remember ip address on eth1
  4. download sftp client (winscp, filezilla etc.)
  5. connect sftp client to ip from step 3 with your ENM credentials
  6. navigate to directory you need and download file
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I’ll try tomorrow.
Thanks alot for your help