Rrecommendations to improve L.E-RAB.AbnormRel.Radio.DRBReset in LTE

Hi All,
Any team member can share recommendations to improve L.E-RAB.AbnormRel.Radio.DRBReset in LTE?
No other sub counter is high or increasing, only this one increased.
Vendor Huawei.

Whats triggering this?
Can you check if it is RLC Failure or something?
This might be SW bug.

There are few other failures pegging on any sub counter, radio link failures are there, but very less.

What is your TimeAlignmentTimer value setting?
Is it same as Huawei recommended setting?

What is it exact Huawei parameter name? Or is Ericsson?

Lst TAtimer
Have you recently activate any LTE feature?

I had to check why this counter is pegged.
Check your Qcix RLC retransmission.
You can increase RLC window size or timer, this will help but not recommended.
You need to check why DRB is getting reset, its likely due to Coverage issues.

Yes, pollretransmit timer will help in improving this.
Or might be changing inter rat para will help.
Sites are located on hilly terrain.

No Feature activated, it’s increasing gradually with the rise in Traffic.


It’s same for whole network.

Check t311 and t301 maybe your drb problem will solve this I feel if no handover issue may be due to sync out.
T310 too.
Apart from tatimer.

Increase MaxRetxThreshold for eNodeB & MaxretxThreshold for UEto 32