RRC parameter that conveys the exact cell BW to PHY

Dear Experts,

Which RRC parameter conveys the exact cell BW to PHY?

LTE or NR?

There is no straight parameter mapping from 38.104 to 38.331 of cell BW.
Like there is a parameter for supported UE bw: SupportedBandwidth.

I would think CarrierBandwidth is the RRC parameters here.

There is an IE which specifies the bandwidth in Resource Blocks.
For example n66 which corresponds to 100MHZ in FR2 120 kHz scs.

Base on carrierBandwidth.

As @Sakshama_Ghoslya correctly indicated, carrierBandwidth on scs-SpecificCarrierList.

From 38.331:
The IE SCS-SpecificCarrier provides parameters determining the location and width of the actual carrier or the carrier bandwidth. It is defined specifically for a numerology (subcarrier spacing (SCS)) and in relation (frequency offset) to Point A.

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