RLC retransmission rate KPI

Hello all.
How much RLC retransmission rate is okay for the Network?

Reasonable value is 0.5%.

And what are the remedies we can do for improvement?
What are the main causes of RLC retransmission? What we can do for reducing retransmission?

Radio conditions including interference either ul or dl.
You can “cover” the issue using rlcpdcp parameters on enodeB side.
Or increase maxharq settings with treorder.

Can you please tell the parameter settings?

What is you current values for mac and rlc layer?
There is no baseline here its just how much you want to bend the algorithm.
Ideally speaking you should optimize radio conditions instead of just increasing the values.
That is from RF engineering point of view.

for reducing retransmission rf should be good. CQI SHOULD BE MORE THAN 9 AND IBLER LESS THAN 10 PERCENT.playing with bler and CQI adjustment features can help if rlc retransmission.U need to know wthether its is Syn out restablishment or handover failure causing Reestabloshment. If syn out then no dominacy and if ho fail causing reestablishment then chk tImer 304 value first.T310 IN SYN OUT,T311 after HO FAIL AND T301 all this parameter needs to be proper.