Reduce abnormal releases due to DRB reset

Hello Experts.
How do you reduce abnormal releases due to DRB reset.
I increased poll timers and T310 & T311.
Drb resets reduced but I introduced uplink sync failures.

Increase RLC retransm and harq retransm.

Under which MO are they found?
Under rlcpdcpParagroup I use maxretxthreshold of 32 for both UE and EnodeB.

if there is high L.E-RAB.AbnormRel.Radio.ULSyncFail

check both parameters: TimeAlignmentTimer & TimingAdvCmdOptSwitch

DRB is high.

poll transmit is set to 200ms and changed time alignment to 10240 , drb reduced but sync fails increased.

i changed alignment timer to infinity and Sync failures have gone back to zero but DRB has started to increase.

How do i deal with the DRB resets