Reason for 5G capable UE to not show ENDC support in InitialUeMessage

Hi experts

In NSA system, what could be possible reason for 5G cappable UE (S21) to not show ENDC support in InitialUeMessage?

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ENDC at Samsung phones (like S21) doesn’t work for all PLMNs, operator should communicate with Samsung for enabling ENDC.

Thanks @iman.mohammadi. I suspected the same and wanted to confirm :+1:

What does ENDC stand for?

Eutran New radio Dual Connectivity.

Means like 4G and 5G connectivity?

Yes, in NSA it is one type of carrier aggregation between 4G & 5G.

Got you.

Means UE can communicate with both technologies 4G & 5G in same time yes?

Yes, correct.

A better word is Dual Connectivity.

Since in CA only 1 CRNTI is used by UE but in DC a single UE use 2 crnti mean separate CRNTI for 4G and 5G.