Reason behind high DTX in SA NR scenario

Hi Experts,
What could be reason behind high DTX here?

  1. UE registers to SA NR cell.
  2. Internet and IMS PDU session established.
  3. Netwrok releases RRC connection.
  4. Network wants to do mobile terminated data. So it sends paging.
  5. UE establish RRC procedure.
  6. UE sends service request.
  7. DRB reestablishment done using RRC reconfiguration.
  8. UE receives service accept.
  9. DL data (Mobile terminated data prompted from network).
  10. High DTX observed.

If after step 2, step 9 is performed then throughput is good and low DTX observed.
When we release RRC connection and do DL data then only this issue observed!

Is UE in RRC inactive state or in RRC idle state?

What are UL KPI values?

It is seem network behaved abnormally between step 2 and 3. It missed to correctly monitor DL traffic and released rrc connection then go through paging processing.