Radio Connection with UE lost before HO required

First he has to check why A3 is not configured.
This is the major issue.

Switch not ON.

No reports will come without first configuration.

Ah ohkey…
My understanding is that A2 triggers first (which enables measurement procedures) and then A3 (which triggers handover).

It’s not same always understanding valid only for inter Freq not for intra Freq ho
But in specs it’s not mentioned in same way if u read it’s vendor own implementation for inter Freq /inter rat HO.
Actintrafreqsgnbmobility switch to be check.

Before configuration (A3 or A5) there is SGNB modification required to measure intra /inter frequency) with tarGet frequency.
But that command from SGNB modification is also missing; will update you about neighbor definition.

Neighbour is through ANR or manual as of now.

A3/A5 configuration missing has nothing to with missing nbrs.
Just check whether you configured A3A5 in system or not.

In NSA ANR doesn’t work.
No mobiles can report cgi as of today.

Yes A3 and A5 configured with measurement RSRP.

Because in NSA, 5G SIB1 is often disabled.

Why SIB1 is not broadcasted in NSA on demand basis when SGNB addition completed?

I think SIB1 is not disabled. It’s just that UE cannot read SIB1 while measuring SSB.
SIB 1 cannot be disabled.
Its broadcasting can be only disabled.

Because it is not required.

Even when enabled no UEs can read CGI in 5G.

A3, A5 parameter configured in gNB but SgNB modification required with target freq before release with UE lost.
May it is due to very high out sync-18.

NSA support UE can not read SIB1, is it?

Yes. This is because UE cannot go to CORESET0 and read SIB.
Whilte measuring SSB.

Even for SA I think no mobiles support CGI reading of SIB1.

In SA UE will be primarily camp on NR carrier, it is very much possible to read SIB.

Can you name a UE that reports CGI in 5G for ANR purpose?
And also PCI?

Also not needed. This info can be given to UE during RRC Reconfig from MeNB.