RACH transmitted in symbols calculation

Hello Experts,
I’m trying to understand the calculation of RACH where it can be transmitted in symbols.
My PRACH index is 75, so according to the table I have some relevant values abd have the formula for calculating the slits of where the rach can be transmitted.
It’s 5g NR SA.
l = {14,20} where RACH can be transmitted in symbols (slots) 14 and 20 for 60 kHz.
But my SCS is 120 kHz so how I can find out the slots of 120 SCS?

Here is the formula:

Try here:


Click on 75 link.

Yes I understand but once again how do I find the slots?
For instance here it’s 35, 39, 75, …,159.
I mean how did we calculate those slots?
By giving us the table of PRACH index of course. It given us information to formula as I showed above.
But it’s for 60 kHz and not for 120 kHz.

It is for 120 KHz:


I understand but it’s like already calculating and not shown how to calculate those slots .
So my query is like we dont need to calculate?
Just to refer to that table?

I mean we don’t need to concern on how to calculate the slots mathmatically, just to refer to that table? For all prach indexes the slots already calculated.