RAB abnormal releases increased "VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.CN" on all sites where U2100 carrier locked

Hi Experts.

In our network, RAB abnormal releases increased “VS.RAB.AbnormRel.CS.CN” almost on all sites where U2100 carrier locked.

Carrier B* locked

Previously, 2 carrier was running but now only one carrier left in 3G with 5 MHZ bandwidth

Huawei Vendor

What could be the issue / reason please?

So it means, No of Abnormally Released CS RABs which is triggered by CN.

Happens due to - As CN didn’t receive an IU RELEASE REQUEST or RAB RELEASE REQUEST message from the RNC.

Need to check:

  • RNC vs CN connectivity
  • May be, RNC is faulty (Check no of SRB resets / AAL2 link stats or its flaps / Iu interface KPIs and is it faulty)
    (As you have given Network level - pl. see RNC wise is there a pattern?)
  • As 2 carrier were there need to see CN configuration - does it have BW crunch
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