QOS flow in 5G query

Hi Guys,

I have one question related to QOS flow in 5G.

As multiple QOS flow can be mapped to same DRB on the air interface.

Example - QOS flow 1 & 2 mapped to DRB(5) on air interface (meaning both QOS flow have the same treatment on the air interface as mapped to same DRB).

And all the QOS flow of a pdu session on the N3 interface have same tunnel (meaning that on N3 interface, all QOS flow have same treatment).

Then what is benefit here to have two QOS flow i.e 1 & 2?
Or otherway around at which interface these qos flow (1 & 2) would have different treatment?

Maybe these QOS flows can have different IP priority ( DSCP) in the case you mentioned?

If they have same tunnel on N3 it does not mean same treatment inside L3 Routers or switches as QOS is per packet.

Same treatment in DRB.
Except headers will be created for each QOS in DRB(if more than one QOS mapped).
One of the reason to map multiple QOS of similar services in a DRB is to save more radio resources from Radio point of view.

I think also can improve delay by reducing signaling