PUCCH Verification Failure During LTE and NR Spectrum Sharing


Trying to activate carrier aggregation for NR78 + NR3 by activating INTRA_FR_INTER_BAND_CA_SW.

The NR3 is in DSS band 3.

With the SW OFF, the DSS cell is UP.

However, if the SW is ON, we have the following error message “PUCCH Verification Failure During LTE and NR Spectrum Sharing”.

Anyone can help with activating NR CA with NR3 band on DSS?

I think this is one of those project that not even in South Korea is doing at IOT labs nor at any labs here currently. However, I have few ideas why this didnt work…because if its TDD to TDD CA activation. Numerology of Uplink timing and Downlink timing would be correlated between different n bands. First, i dont know the spec on this but can you elaborate me more on hows uplink or downlink call scheme is for this?

To be clear, NR3 in DSS means… Dynamic Spectrum Sharing of LTE Band 3 and NR spectrum on “LTE Band 3” is that what you mean? Can you elaborate in detail which earfcn on LTE and NR, the center frequencies are ??? and If any of those frequencies are on TDD or FDD? Also, PUCCH Verification error can be seen on UE or from eNB or gNB? How did you come to conclusion why PUCCH verifying step is off???


Best Regards,

Jung Hyun Jeong