Pros and Cons of increasing number of CSI-RS ports

Hello Experts,
If I increase the CSI-RS ports from 8 to 32 on NR Side, what would be Cons and Pros should I expect?

Improved DL THP, Better Performance at particular PL.

Supporting 32 ports doesnt mean it will be needed.
We may get similar performance with 16 ports too…

Any negative impact in respect with 8 port?

So far no.
UE without 32p support can fb on 8/16p.

32 port has very good robustness and lower power translated and less degradation at very low SINR.
So at low SINR 32 ports outperforms 8 and 16 ports.

I think you cannot increase csi-rs ports.
This is an AAU parameter.

You can change on Ericsson system.

Yes, correct.

I mean, if AAU supports 32 csi-rs ports you can configure 16.
But if AAU supports max 16 csi-rs ports you cannot configure 32.

But mostly Massive Mimo design AAU can support upto 32, I think not a problem to configure.

Most support 8 csi-rs ports.
Ericsson will support 16/32 starting Q2 2020.

Already supporting 32P from19.Q4.