Power license calculation

Hi all,
I am looking of a guideline or any help regarding the power license calculation in Ericsson.

  • OutputPower20WStep
  • OutputPower20WTo40W
  • OutputPower40WTo60W
  • OutputPower60WTo80W

What I should consider when I need to order the number of each license?

We are doing RNA sharing between two operators, with two BB6630 in the same site.
BB1 is mostly using G900(op1+op2)+u900(op1)+L800(op1)+L1800(op1)+L2600(op1)
BB2 is mostly using U900(op2)+U2100(op2)+ L800(op2)+L1800(op2)+L2600(op2)

In general, for Baseband site you can set Power sector carrier wise for UMTS and LTE and for GSM Trx wise.
Parameter name is configuredmaxtxpower.
For GSM generally 20W power set per trx.
You can go to 40W if required.
For UMTS/LTE you can increase power based on HW support and requirements (power uti for umts, bw for lte) from 20W to 40W, 60W, etc.
Now how much power you planned to set on each baseband site by adding the value of configuredmaxtxpower(mW) you can order number of power license 20, 40, 60, etc as per that.

Thanks @sumangupta87!
What I was wondering is, knowing the output power of all technologies how to calculate the number of licenses for each 20w steps?

You can add the configuredmaxtxpower to check total output power of the baseband.
For licence available you can run invl command.
And count how many license available.
Just remember if you have one 120 W license then there will be one 100W, one 80W, one 60W and one 40W as well - they are part of 120W license…
So don’t count them twice.