Poor VoLTE quality due to UL congestion (HUA)

Hi all

We experience some issues with poor VoLTE quality , verified via KPIs and customer complaints in cells with very high number of UL active users(not VoLTE but total users). UL packet loss for QCI 1 is going up during congested hours . Any ideas how to alleviate the issue?

We have activated RoHC and TTI bundling. Will Semi persistent scheduling improve the situation?

Any other ideas?
Thanks for your input in advance

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Check volte ul and bler make it zero if possible and disable dl volte bundling switch.

You need to work on UL Power Control parameters and make it a little aggressive to make your UL robust. VoLTE has a weak UL budget and is more vulnerable to high UL Noise Floor. Also check for the parameter for QCI-1 UL Bler Targets and make it aggressive if possible.

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Thanks for your input. It seems that the deterioration is due to congestion, so that means that packet loss comes from high delay. Will the remedies that you proposed help with this .
? We have around 50 or more active users in the uplink and they are mainly for data services .