PHY of the cell isn' t supporting Ri 3

Hi all 5G Experts.

If UE reports Ri 3 and on my cell I overwrite it to Ri 2 for some reasons, then will that affect the suggested PMI matrix that UE suggested?

If so then shall I overwrite it to Ri 4 instead of Ri 3?

My limitation is that my phy of the cell isn’ t supporting Ri 3 so I’m trying to overcome on that limitation.

Any suggestion what shall I do in that case in order to affect less the suggested pmi matrix for RI 3?

Which OEM?

OEM means?

Vendor… or Original Equipment Manufacturer. What is OEM in Telecom?

Your query answer is available, this we used to do in LTE so similar can be possible for 5G also.

Try similar parameters.


You have to go to RI2, you can’t artificially inflate your rank. RANK indicates how many uncorrelated signal paths there is detected by UE, you can’t report higher RANK than you have otherwise network can send data on that channel which you “wouldn’t see”.

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