Per TTI max ue can support?

Single tti in downlink how many UE can receive pddch?

Hi @karikalantech_karuna
Per TTI UE scheduling depend PDCCH allocation and minimum req. for PDCCH for 1 UE is 1 CCE’s except 1.4 MHz .
1 CCE- 9REG- 36RE’s.
For Ex, for 20 MHz-
20 MHz- 100 RB’s

Now to exact calculation , you need to 1st calculate PCFICH,PHICH than PDCCH.
DTX/RS- 4 RE’s and over 100 RB’s will come around -~ 400 RE’s
PCFICH- 16 RE’s ( 4REG)
PHICH- 3 REG depend on ng factor value with respective bandwidth so took ng value- 1 , gives you 13 Resource group.
So it will come around 13*12=156 RE’s
PDCCH- let took 3 symbol 12 subcarrier so 36 RE’s and 100 RB’s ~ 3600 RE’s…( its rough count)

For exact RE’s count - 3600–16-156-400= 3028 RE’s

Count CCE=3028/36~ 84 aprx.

So ultimately you can schedule 84 UE’s with 1 CCE each.

It’s rough calculation just to give brief about PDCCH while exact process is quite long.


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thanks for your quick response one more doubt

3028 => number of Resource Element
but 56 this denote what?

Hi folks,
Single tti in downlink how many UE can receive pddch in NR 5G?

It’s typo …it’s not 56 …it’s 36, just corrected.
1CCE=9 REGs =9*4=36 where 1 REG=4 REs.
So to calculate total CCE we divide total REs to REG that gives CCE count…

thanks vikas

can anyone help me how to calculate CCE in NR 5G?