PDH interface related counters

Hello Nokia Experts.

In which report can we check PDH interface related counters?

Need to check unavailable and errored seconds in the transmission media.

M51303C0 - PDH Interface - Unavailabe Seconds
M51303C1 - PDH Interface - Errored Seconds
M51303C2 - PDH Interface - Severely Errored Seconds
M51303C3 - PDH Interface - Blackground Block Errors

Yes it’s available in BTS counter but I need to check in reports in bulk for all the sites.

Nokia counters id related to PDH unavailable and errored seconds are M51303C0 and M51303C1.

Like in RSBSSxxx ?

This the related report.

Hope this is the answer.

This is for SRAN BTS.

Ok… Actually we are having MRBTS, I suspect it’s not integrated with PM+ in NetAct.

Thanks anyway! :wink: