PDCCH blocking in cell with low traffic

Dear all.
What may be reason for PDCCH blocking though the cell has comparatively low traffic?
Vendor is Nokia.

Outskirt cell?

No, it’s not.

Map PRACH SR with PDCCH blocking.
Also map RRC SR.

RACH and RRC SR is good, above 99.

Which symbol usage higher?

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I too suspecting this.
From this how to conclude? May be due to cell edge user?

Can you please check whether cell is having higher VoLTE traffic?
If yes then there are more chances of higher usage of TTI bundling - for which PDCCH usage remains higher side.

Yes cell edge user or having high TA samples so to serve that user Agg8 will be used which is causing blocking.

For Nokia how much is allowed for counter M8011C46(agg 8)?
Is this TA counter range is with respect to selected prachcs?
Example: if my prachcs value is say 10 that corresponds to 9.7 kms cell range then counter M8029C1 corresponding to 1 km range. Is it correct?

M8029C1 related to timing advance & not PRACH.

What is the value set in TIMING_ADV_SET_INDEX?

Two questions to see if it fits the pattern I see here:

  1. Is it only in AGG1?
  2. Is the ratio of PDCCH with one symbol high?

No my intention is: counter numbers are same for various cell ranges then how to find out bin value corresponding to different cell range.
Example: M8029C1 is bin 1 which shows 200m ta samples for 2 km cell range and the same counter will reflect 1km ta samples for 10 kms cell range. How to interpret the counter?

Yes that is why I asked what is para value of timing advance index.
That will define different 7 ranges.

Try searching expected cell size parameter value.
TIMING_ADV_SET_INDEX = 1 , cell size = 2.1 km
TIMING_ADV_SET_INDEX = 2 , cell size = 5 km
TIMING_ADV_SET_INDEX = 3 , cell size = 10 km
TIMING_ADV_SET_INDEX = 4 , cell size = 15 km
TIMING_ADV_SET_INDEX = 5 , cell size = 30 km
TIMING_ADV_SET_INDEX = 6 , cell size = 60 km
TIMING_ADV_SET_INDEX = 7 , cell size = 100 km

I think now you can co-relate your question about M8029C1 counter to check TA samples of cell use LTE058 report from NetAct.

This counter describe as below:
i = 1: 0 <= d < 78
i = 2: 0 <= d < 468
i = 3: 0 <= d < 1,006
i = 4: 0 <= d < 1,505
i = 5: 0 <= d < 3,003
i = 6: 0 <= d < 6,006
i = 7: 0 <= d < 10,000
d is distance in meter

This is for TIMING_ADV_BIN_1 like that till BIN 30 available.

What is the value of CFI.

It’s regarding cell coverage.