PCFICH channel in 5g nr sa

Hello Experts ;
I’m trying to understand why I don’t have specific channel PCFICH in 5g nr as lte?
in other words I dont have cfi parameter in 5g nr in order to give us information about
dci info and robustness of the network -cfi was telling somehow the info about network robustness.

So anyone please could explain how we don’t have PCFICH channel in 5g nr and what’s the reasonable
explanation that we don’t have cfi parameter in 5g nr which uE cant know anything about dci info?

Appreciated for a detailed explanation.

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CFI in LTE gives length of PDCCH in terms of symbols in a subframe. In LTE, the PDCCh always starts from symbol 0 and can be spread upto 4 symbols. In NR, there is no requirement to start the PDCCH at symbol 0. The PDCCH in NR is more flexible and UE is given the the info about the symbols where PDCCH can be expected. UE will stick to decoding only those symbols in time domain so, no need of CFI.

HI Pradeep, how or in which message UE is given those Info ?I mean CFI info

The exact position of PCFICH is determined by cell ID and bandwidth. For exact info, plz refer to spec.